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Software for work with the spectroradiometer SpAn created basing on standard platform Microsoft. Net Framework 4.0, which makes it independent of hardware configuration and type of operating system. Solved is as MDI (Multiple Document Interface). Its main functions are divided into several modules:
spectroradiometer control - is implemented through the driver of the spectroradiometer
storage and visualization of spectra - saves measured spectra in a specific format (. msr). Allows exporting of them in a text (.txt) and MS Excell (.xlsx) format. The measured and/or saved spectra can be visualized either in numerical and graphical form. The simultaneous output and comparison of several spectra can be fulfilled by either MDI technology or graphs in one window. The spectra can be zoomed and scrolled.
spectra processing - high frequency and median filtering, "creeping" averaging, cubic B - spline and others
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