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Each spectroradiometer is undergone to spectral and photometric calibration using special designed test facilities resulting in specific data base. Either device is supplied with an unique key and a calibration file allowing to accomplish its declared characteristics
Spectral calibration
Specialty assembly and adjustment facility is used for exact positioning of optical elements and photodetector on the optical bench. During this action is created a database for matching the pixels of the photodetector array to corresponding wavelengths of the registered optical radiation flux.
Spectral efficiency correction
To eliminate the distortion of spectra introduced by different spectral efficiency of pixels is carried out the measurements of their relative spectral sensitivity . For this purpose is used a special facility as the corresponding database is created for the signal processing software.
Reduction of the stray light influence
To reduce the spectrum distortion due to stray light is applied a proprietary digital processing. It uses an unique for each spectroradiometer database created during the tests on a specially designed facility.
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