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Chemical industry
- Spectral optical sensors for control of technological processes;
- Sorting and quality control of raw materials and others.

Food Industry
- quality control;
- technological control in winemaking.

Textile and varnish and paint industry.
- control of paints and varnishes at their mixing;
- fabrics’ entry control;
- control in mass production, selection of pigments for achieving the specified color
- for repair and restoration works and more

Control of computer monitors and color printers
- gamma correction to correct color rendition;
- screen color adjustments to unify their characteristics in various multimedia applications.
- Spectral sensors for agricultural technologies to distinguish different plants (weeds - cultivated plants)
-  Determination of turgor in irrigation (eg drip)
-  Spectral control of feeding stuffs (eg hydroponics)
- Recognition of benign and malignant neoplasms by deviations in the spectral characteristics of different tissues;
- Dental medicine - defining the early stages of decay, selecting color for photopolymer fillings;
- Ophthalmic optics - determination of protective factors of sun glasses, quality of anti-reflecting coatings and color differences of the lens;
- Analysis of concentrations of organic substances in metabolic researchs;
- Analysis of the concentration of drugs in plasma, urine, etc.

- Non-destructive analysis in situ of drugs and raw materials.

- environmental monitoring and fast analysis of the concentrations of heavy metals, pesticides, etc. in soil, air and water;

- detection of narcotics and anabolics, comparing samples to establish fraud

Art and Restoration
- measuring the color characteristics of various objects in the course of artistic expertise, for example, the composition of the used paints and dyes at establishing the authenticity of art works and for restoration purposes

Printing, prepress and advertising
- control of finish products;
- determining the concentration of paints for proper color rendering;
- reproducibility of color characteristics.

Science and Education
- for demonstrations in classes on natural history and for workshops at universities;
- The spectral measurements in research laboratories.
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