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"CONSSPECT Ltd. was established in 2007 with the main business defined as development and implementation of innovative products and technologies. Its staff is recruited from highly qualified scientists and specialists with MSc and PhD degrees in physics, chemistry, computer sciences and optical technology. The company co'workers have over 70 papers published in reputed national and foreign scientific journals, 2 industry standards, 2 monographs, many implemented industry projects awarded with gold medals from domestic and foreign exhibitions, 18 patents.

The CONSSPECT Ltd. team is at your service and can be your indispensable partner and consultant for:

design, modeling, layouts, testing, manufacture, supply and maintenance of the spectralm, computer, radio-electronic, opto-electronic and electrochemical devices and equipment;
development, testing and delivery of software products;
development, testing and implementation of measurement methods;
analyses of physical and chemical processes and objects
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